Manuscript types

The following types of manuscripts can be considered for peer-reviewed publication in History of Geo- and Space Sciences (HGSS):

  • notes reporting about current developments and novel aspects of science historical matters which are relevant for scientific investigations within the journal's scope; notes have to be short (a maximum of six printed pages);
  • articles, i.e. standard contributions, dealing with any topics falling under the journal's scope as mentioned under aims & scope;
  • review articles dealing extensively with a broader topic falling under the journal's scope as mentioned under aims & scope; prior to the submission of a review article, the executive editor should be contacted for a brief discussion about the intended review;
  • biographical contributions (e.g. tributes to, obituaries for, and interviews with exemplary contributors to the geophysical sciences); each submission should contain an abstract highlighting the geophysical science relevance of the chosen personality (it is the lead author's responsibility to obtain approval of the project from a living addressee);
  • book reviews providing a critique of a book, and are not primarily a summary. They are less than 1000 words and start with "Book review:". Please see the further guidelines on book reviews;
  • corrigenda correcting errors in preceding papers. The manuscript title reads as follows: Corrigendum to "TITLE" published in JOURNAL, VOLUME, PAGES, YEAR.