Manuscript types

The following types of manuscripts can be considered for peer-reviewed publication in History of Geo- and Space Sciences (HGSS):

  • articles reporting results of new historic research within the journal scope;
  • articles containing new interpretation or compilation of science historical facts, events or material;
  • articles describing the lives of important geoscientists which have not yet been documented;
  • review articles summarizing the status of knowledge of historical facts or events within the journal scope. Before preparing and submitting a review article, please contact an editor covering the relevant subject area and an executive editor;
  • short notes reporting new developments and novel aspects of science historical matters which are relevant for scientific investigations within the journal scope. Manuscripts of this type should be short (a few pages only);
  • tributes, peer-reviewed (maximum two-page) contributions honouring a person: living or deceased. All submitted articles should have a short abstract that explains the reason for choosing this person. Moreover, it is the author's responsibility obtain approval from the person being honoured;
  • book reviews providing a critique of a book, and are not primarily a summary. They are less than 1000 words and start with "Book review:". Please see the further guidelines on book reviews;
  • corrigenda correcting errors in preceding papers. The manuscript title reads as follows: Corrigendum to "TITLE" published in JOURNAL, VOLUME, PAGES, YEAR.