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History of Geo- and Space Sciences An open-access journal
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Review criteria

In the review the referees are asked to take into account all of the following aspects:

  1. Does the paper address science historical matters within the scope of HGSS?
  2. Does the paper present new historic research, new interpretations or new compilations of historic issues or data, or new aspects of the lives of important geoscientists?
  3. Are the historical methods clearly outlined and the historical sources clearly stated?
  4. Do the authors give proper credit to related and previous work and clearly indicate their own new/original contribution?
  5. Does the title clearly reflect the contents of the paper?
  6. Does the abstract provide a concise and complete summary?
  7. Is the overall presentation well structured and clear?
  8. Is the language fluent and precise?
  9. Should any parts of the paper (text, formulae, figures, tables) be clarified, reduced, combined, or eliminated?
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