Journal subject areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the following index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual topical editors:

  • history of research and historical aspects
    • Earth interior and dynamics
    • applied geophysics (seismology, gravimetry, geodesy, etc.)
    • chemistry of the Earth
    • geomagnetism (including palaeomagnetism)
    • marine sciences
    • geology
    • hydrology and ecology
    • petrology, mineralogy, mining
    • external geophysics (atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, auroa)
    • solar–terrestrial physics
    • near-Earth space exploration, space technology, instrumentation
  • history of geophysical institutes and institutions
  • history of multi-disciplinary geophysical studies
  • people in geosciences
  • book reviews